Wednesday Workout Recap

Last week was not a good week, workout wise.

Monday – Rest Day.  I rocked this one.

Tuesday – I was scheduled for 5 miles.  My calves were really tight and they just wouldn’t loosen up.  After two miles, I gave up and spent about half an hour stretching and rolling.  Better to lose some training and prevent injury, right?

Wednesday – Bike trainer workout.  Pushed this one, and it felt great.  I still have a long way to go on the bike, and I love it.  There’s so much room for improvement.

Thursday – I was at the Flight 93 Memorial for a large chunk of the day, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted, physically and mentally, and collapsed into bed well before swim practice even started.

Friday/Saturday – Scheduled rest days.  I felt a little guilty about this, having not worked out since Wednesday, but figured I would try to really push Sunday’s race.

Sunday – Revenge of the Penguins 10 Miler.

Not the best in terms of workouts.  I’m doing what I can to stick to this week and next so that I’m fully ready for my last triathlon of the season.

Upping the Work Wardrobe

I just sewed up a hole in the shirt I’m currently wearing.  While sitting at my desk.  I’m classy like that.  And I plan to continue to wear this shirt, hole be damned.

On that note though, I’m really trying to step up my work wardrobe.  I used to be so much better about it.  I would wear cute suits and awesome heels and I would look fabulous.  Lately, my uniform has become black pants, knit top, cardigan, black flats, same jewelry every day.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this particular uniform. But I feel like it’s time to step up my game.  After all, don’t they always say “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?”  Not that I’m looking for another job, but when I look around at the higher ups at my agency, they are often dressed better than I am.  Of course, they also make more money than I do.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t step up my game.

Part of the problem is that on the weekend, I just want to wear track pants and running gear.  Which I do.  So then I feel like putting on non-athletic gear qualifies as dressing up.  It does and it doesn’t.

So I’m trying to step up my look.  Mainly by shopping my own closet.  I’m trying to not wear the same boring flats every day.  I have cute heels.  Sure, maybe they’re not the best for you, but I spend so much of my day at my desk that it’s not an issue.  If I leave the office or plan to be walking, I switch out my shoes. Saves my feet and saves on wear and tear on the shoes.  I’ve also got a lot of great jewelry that I’m trying to wear more often.  And scarves.  I have a number of scarves and no idea how to wear them.  Or match them to things.  I am terrible.

Have you ever tried to “up” your work look?  Have any tips for me?

Sort of a Race Report – Revenge of the Penguins

First off, from now until October 4th, I’m hosting an online Stella & Dot trunk show as part of my fundraising efforts for Team Fight and the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  A portion of the proceeds will go to Team Fight, and all hostess rewards will be placed on eBay for additional fundraising dollars.  I would love it if you would check out the show and place an order if something strikes your fancy.

Now, onto the running.  This weekend, I ran the Revenge of the Penguins ten miler.  I don’t know that I would say that I raced it.  This was a small local ten and twenty mile race that I got roped into because Jen needed a twenty miler for her marathon training.  I wasn’t about to run twenty, but I could handle ten.  Plus I have another ten mile race next month, so it was a good bit of training.

The race itself was very nice.  It was on the C&O Canal Towpath, which I had never run before.  The path wasn’t closed for the race, which meant a lot of bikers had to try to get around runners.  Not a huge deal though.  And it was a super pretty race.

IMG_1602I ran the first 6ish with Jen, at which point I hit the 10 mile turnaround.  It was nice to run with her again and get to chat.  She’s gotten so much faster than me that it’s hard for us to run together.  But apparently, my comfortable ten mile pace is an okay training pace for her twenty miles.  If we had been doing the same distance, she would have blown me away.


I was hoping to finish in 2:15, which would have meant a solid 13:30 pace, but I really wasn’t pushing for it.  I just wanted 13:30 to magically be my comfortable pace.  I finished in 2:16:44, which still isn’t bad.  The last mile or so was tough and my legs are sore today.  But I’ve also not been run training as much as I should be.  Either way though, I’m not far off that 2:15, and I’d be okay with 2:15 at Army Ten Miler next month.

All in all, a good training day.

Thirteen Years

Yesterday, I attended this event honoring the Fallen Heroes of 9/11.

Today, I have the honor of being invited to the remembrance event at the Flight 93 Memorial.

Over the two years, I have had the privilege of working with a number of family members of those lost on 9/11.  They were all so generous with their stories about that day.  Some have made peace with what happened, others remain incredibly angry.  And over all of that, there will forever be sadness.

The one thing that I have learned is that there really are no words to express the horror and loss of that day.  But I have also learned that the biggest fear these surviving family members have isn’t that it will happen again, but that their family members will be forgotten.  So we need to make a point today to do some research.  Read a bio of someone who died that day.  Speak their name out loud.  And never forget.

Wednesday Workout Recap

This week was supposed to have been a race week, but thanks to IronGirl Rocky Gap getting cancelled, it was just a boring old training week.  I think I needed that though.

Monday – Rest day.  Cookout with awesome friends.

Tuesday – Treadmill speedwork.  This one felt incredibly sluggish.  Time was good, but ugh.  I think I’m just in the hate part of my love/hate relationship with running.

Wednesday – Trainer speed drills.  These I love.

Thursday – Team Fight swim.  Sprint drills and filming.  I was not so sure I wanted to see what I looked like swimming, but… well, it’s now out there somewhere.

Friday – Rest day.  Got my annual physical today, which gives me a gold star for the year.

Saturday – 73 minute trainer ride.  I was scheduled for 60, but wanted to finish the last episode of Parks and Recreation.  I am very bummed out that there are only 13 episodes left of this show.

Sunday – 6 mile run.  Blargh. But it was done, so self high five!

Busy week this next week, plus a busy weekend.  Apparently I have another race at the end of the month.  I should get on that.