I am not awesome at packing

I am leaving on vacation in a little over 24 hours.  Five and a half days at Disney World, two full days in San Francisco, and a couple of travel days in there.  The plan is to take one biggish suitcase and a very small carry-on in the form of the bag that I carry to and from work every day.

I think everything will fit, but mostly because for Disney, I’m packing shorts and t-shirts, and those don’t take up much room.  But I am the person who packs for every contingency.

“Yes, I know we will be able to do laundry, but I am still going to bring enough shirts for every day, plus three.”

“The odds of me going for a run are not in running’s favor, but I will still bring enough clothes to go for at least two runs.”

“Obviously, I need a zip-up hoodie for the plane, and that will be good in case it gets cool.  But I should also bring a second one, just in case.  You know, in case I spill something.”

“Lots of time on airplanes, so two books in the carry-on, plus two more in the suitcase.  Oh, and then this one and that one too.  You know, in case of fast reading.  Or bad books.  Or bears.”

This is why my suitcase is always stuffed to the gills and why my carry-on ends up being so heavy that I bruise my collarbone by dragging it through the airports.

One thought on “I am not awesome at packing

  1. I pack like that too! Except now I pack and re-pack at least three times (do I really need five shirts? Will I end up wearing the same shirt three days in a row if I don’t bring them?). So it takes me a while to pack.

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