I think I have the plague.

Ok, it’s not really the plague.  The plague would be worse. 

But this is not fun.  I have been sick for three straight weeks with head and chest congestion, a super sweet cough, and general fatigue.

(Yes, the men have been flocking to me lately, obviously.)

Before you ask, I’ve been to the doctor not once but twice.  The first time, I was given an armload of drugs and sent on my way.  I have improved muchly since then.  The second doctor told me that I’m on my way to recovery and that my vitals look good, but I can expect the symptoms to last another 8-10 days.

That will make it an entire month of plague.  Ugh.

I’ve watched a lot of movies in this month, since I have no energy to do anything else.  I also discovered the wonder of Comcast’s On Demand.  I haven’t been running whatsoever and am pretty sure I’m going to have to pick up a beginner’s training plan for all the strength and stamina that I’ve lost.  I tried to workout last night and managed about 10 minutes before I thought I might collapse.

Yep.  I’m hot.  Who wants to hang out and get germy?

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