Hi, my name is…

Holidailies Prompt:  Day One — Introduce yourself.

So in order to actually use this blog, I’m doing Holidailies.  Again.  You know you’re excited.  I’m going to try to follow the prompts as much as possible, because well, if I just wrote whatever, you would get to hear about my metro commute and what I watched on TV.  I am just that awesome.

Anyway, as you have already figured out, today’s prompt is an introduction.  Which is… not exciting for most of you reading this.

So hi.  I’m Megan.  I am a government drone.  Okay, so my job actually isn’t that bad, but I do work for the government.  Your tax dollars at work.  I’m actually looking for a new job, but still within the government, and not far from my old job, so keep your fingers crossed for me. 

I live in Washington, D.C.  I think half of the country plans to be here for Inauguration.  I find myself wishing it weren’t a violation of my lease to rent out my apartment, because people are making thousands of dollars by providing housing. 

I am also a little scared of the coming crowds, to be honest.

I am having a lot of trouble believing that it’s December.  The month is going to fly.  Next week, we start crazy rehearsals for the Cathedral Choral Society Christmas concerts, three concerts over next weekend, then one more week of work, then I head home for ten days.  Then back here, two days of work, and it’s January.  I feel like I’ve completely missed the Christmas season.  Clearly, I should have started listening to Christmas music back in October when all the decorations started to appear.

Maybe this year, my tree will have to stay up extra super long.

One thought on “Hi, my name is…

  1. Every time I pay taxes now I will think, I know someone who is my tax dollars at work. 🙂

    I wish I could come to DC this January. I know at least 2 people who are planning to come.

    I should really try doing Holidailies this year. Is it too late to sign up? :/

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