Holiday bargains

Holidailies Prompt – Tell us about an experience with someone else’s holiday traditions.

Our holiday traditions have this tendency to evolve with time as the family grows and changes, so we’re always bringing in a little bit of someone else’s traditions.  Christmas dinner is a bit of an orphans dinner, and involves some of our family, some other families, and whoever else happens to drop by.  I don’t really know of anytime where I participated in someone’s Christmas holiday traditions that were so far from mine.

Last year, however, I got to experience Mary Beth’s family Thanksgiving traditions.  That was a trip.  The meal was tasty, of course, but the adventure came in the shopping.  Yes, that’s right, we went shopping after Thanksgiving.  Immediately.  We hit the outlet malls at midnight and then went back out to a few more stores around 6 am.  This is something they do every year, but it’s definitely not something I plan to do every year.  Or maybe not ever again.  It’s not that it was a bad time, of course.  I just really love sleep and really hate giving up sleep to go outside and stand in the cold.  I do like bargains.  But I think I still like sleep better.

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