Holidailies Prompt: “Do you have a hilarious holiday story? If not, make one up.”

So, since I suggested this prompt, you would think that I had a great story to tell.  Well, I do!

One year, we were planning a family Christmas, just our little group.  But family members just kept showing up!  That didn’t keep us from our holiday decorating, of course.  We got this huge tree that actually broke windows because it was so big and we covered the house in an amazing amount of lights.  Things were going well until we burned the turkey, fried the cat, and burned down the tree!  Can you believe it?  So we cut down a tree in the yard and brought it in, but of course, that meant that a few critters came in as well… wait, that’s not right.

Okay, here’s a better story.  One year, we were going on vacation for Christmas.  The packing was crazy!  I couldn’t believe how much stuff we had to take.  And you will never believe what happened!  My parents FORGOT ME!  That’s right, they didn’t even bring me to the airport… No?

We had a great snow one year and I went out with some friends to build a snowman.  We couldn’t figure out what to call him, and then he came to life and hung out with us!

Yeah, clearly, no funny holiday stories here.  Maybe I’ll work on that for this year.  Play a few pranks, give a few ridiculous gifts.

By Megan

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