I have officially failed miserably at Holidailies this year, though I do have some time to catch up.  I just got back from IL yesterday, and it was a wonderful holiday break.  I didn’t get to see any snow though, which is disappointing.  Quite a bit of ice, however.  Much less fun. 

Back at work this week.  No one’s around, which is alternately awesome and awful.  It’s awesome because it’s quiet and non-stressful and I can do things like catch up on Holidailies.  It’s awful because it gets really boring really really fast.  There is only so much internet you can read during the day.  Well, that you can/should read at work, anyway!  Umm, not that I would read those things.  Or blog at work.  Obviously.

The break was great though.  I think I ate my weight in cheese one day.  It’s my idea of heaven.  Of course, now that I’m back, it’s back to the gym.  I signed up to run the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler again this year.  I’m a super slow runner and haven’t been running very much the past few months, so I need to get back into it.  January 1.  I’m going running.  My luck it will be rainy and cold, because that is what D.C. weather does.  But I despise the treadmill, and even though I’ll end up having to use it, I’m not looking forward to it.

I’m also not looking forward to the gym getting crowded after everyone starts their New Year’s Resolutions.  I like my non-crowded gym!  I’m very spoiled about things like that.

Well, perhaps I should check out the Holidailies prompts and see if there’s anything I want to write about.  Hope you all had a great holiday!

By Megan

One thought on “Catching up”
  1. It’s mandatory for us to take vacation (or time off unpaid if not enough vacation hour accrued) between Dec. 25th and the day after New Year’s Day. When I go back, it will be quiet, just as you described. Kind of eerie. But not boring–I’ve a ton of work, projects to catch up on, and that should keep me out of trouble. Drat.

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