Week in Review

According to DailyMile, this week, I ran 14.77 miles and swam 800 meters. Not a bad week. It’s nice to finally be running outside again. It makes those midweek runs that much more enjoyable.

I did notice that all my treadmill training has really helped me pick up my speed, but I’m no longer as comfortable on my normal hilly running route. I was getting good at modifying my pace to account for the hills, but now I find myself in or near HR Zone 5 and having to walk a bit (under a minute each time though).

I’m also trying to swim more as part of my crosstraining. I don’t use the gym as much during the summer months, so using the pool helps make me feel like I’m using my membership a little bit.

This week’s goal is to get back to regular strength training and start the hundred pushup and two hundred situp challenges.

I should be a better blogger

I have lots of unfinished blog entries on my computer. It’s not like keeping a personal blog is a lot of work. And yet how long has it been since my last post? Let’s not dwell on that.

As I have been discussing for months (and months and months), this month, I was planning to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon, my very first half marathon. Yes, that’s right. Was planning. My well laid plans were thwarted by a stomach virus.

Looking back, even though I missed my race, the illness was perfectly timed. I wasn’t sick for either flight, and I still did enjoy the trip, though I was pretty fatigued during the latter part. More importantly, no one I traveled with got sick. Plus, as I put it to a friend, it was the first time in probably over ten years that I got sick and had my mom there to take care of me.

But even with all those good things, this was a huge bummer. I could hear the fireworks signaling the start of the race and it was so hard to not be there. Unpacking all my race gear when I got home was also rough.

I’m still running though. I signed up for a half marathon in June in Annapolis. It’s another women’s race, and even though I’m not running with anyone, I think it will be a great first half. Still running Disneyland in September, and I might go back to WDW in October to run the Inaugural Wine and Dine Half. Can’t give up now. I’m sad I will no longer qualify for Disney’s Coast to Coast Medal (apparently, W&D doesn’t count) but it will still be fun, plus it’s the 5th anniversary of that race.

Next up? Cherry Blossom 10 Miler with friends from college. We were so lazy back then. I can’t believe we’re racing together.