Week in Review

According to DailyMile, this week, I ran 14.77 miles and swam 800 meters. Not a bad week. It’s nice to finally be running outside again. It makes those midweek runs that much more enjoyable.

I did notice that all my treadmill training has really helped me pick up my speed, but I’m no longer as comfortable on my normal hilly running route. I was getting good at modifying my pace to account for the hills, but now I find myself in or near HR Zone 5 and having to walk a bit (under a minute each time though).

I’m also trying to swim more as part of my crosstraining. I don’t use the gym as much during the summer months, so using the pool helps make me feel like I’m using my membership a little bit.

This week’s goal is to get back to regular strength training and start the hundred pushup and two hundred situp challenges.

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