Where is this mythical free time I hear so much about?

Victory! Thanks, Lis for
suggesting post-by-e-mail! It took a bit to get it figured out (and I
have no idea if I can actually use HTML in this post – but I’ll know
soon enough!) but it seems to be working now. This will make posting
so much easier.

I just hired someone to do a blog redesign, which I am absolutely
delighted about. I love her current portfolio and am excited to be a
part of it. Stay tuned.

This week is going to be tough in terms of sticking to my workout
schedule. Tonight, I’m singing a concert at Strathmore, a really nice
concert hall in Bethesda, so no time for a workout tonight. Tuesday
and Wednesday are “open,” but I leave at crazy o’clock in the morning
on Thursday to head to my parents house.

(Note to potential burglars – I have scary watch-cats. And more
importantly, a pet sitter staying with them. So the apartment will
not be empty. And I think she knows kung-fu.)

Before I leave, I have to pack and do laundry. Oh, and work. Can’t
forget that work thing. I’m thinking I’ll end up bagging Tuesday
night’s run and try to get in a couple of quality runs with my sister
and/or mom while I’m at their house. That gives me Tuesday to finish
up all the laundry and get started on the packing and Wednesday to get
everything finished. Plenty to do and not a lot of time to do it.
That seems to be how I prepare for every trip!

Here’s hoping the weather holds…

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