Christmas exhaustion

I got out of DC before the storm!  And then I got a panicked call from my pet sitter (who showed later that morning) because she couldn’t get my door unlocked.  I started to debate.  Did I give her the right keys?  What keys would I have given her?  It’s not like I have tons of sets of keys laying around.  But I know I checked them before I left.   I called our business office, got them to come over and unlock the door for her – but as they got there, she managed to make the key work.  No idea what happened there, but I bet the business office charges me for the “unlock.”

We definitely got snow here in the St. Louis area!  It’s been a beautiful White Christmas, but it’s kind of thrown off the typical plans.  Christmas Eve plans got pushed to today, and it’s weird, but when you always do things a certain way, it all starts to feel different.  Christmas Eve is held with the family.  We wander home exhausted and then get up for Christmas morning.    But I’m not complaining.  It’s still nice to be able to get together with everyone.  My grandparents are in their 80’s.  Grandpa will be 89 in a little over a week.  While his health is wonderful, we always try to take note of the fact that we’re still together.

I’m definitely enjoying my time off.  Not quite ready to go back to work, though it looks like DC missed that crazy storm.  Crossing my fingers that means that my Wednesday flight will be nice and smooth.  And on time.

One thought on “Christmas exhaustion

  1. I just looked at your 2011 race schedule — very impressive!

    My plan to get back in to shape included using this vacation week to jumpstart things and get geared up for 2011 but instead I got floored by bronchitis so my big workout for the first day of the new year will probably be a one mile walk (if my wife lets me).

    Happy New Year! And success in your running!

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