Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Well, I think I’ve given up on the weekly updates.  As you can see.  But it’s been busy.  I bought a house!  More about that later.  For now, race talk.

Last weekend, I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon with a bunch of my ROTE friends.  My mom and my sister ran too, their first race ever.  How exciting!  You may remember that I tried to run this race last year and caught a stomach bug the night before the race and was unable to run.  So this was my redemption year.

First off, the weather was ridiculous.  Not hot, just very very humid.  The air was super thick.  That made for a rough race.  Unfortunately, Kim, my running partner, had some travel issues and didn’t make it down for the race, so I was debating who I wanted to run with.  I started off with Steve, Katie, and Kelly, then Kelly and I broke off, ran into Laura, and then Kelly broke off and I stuck with Laura.

It was such fun running with someone!  It meant we could take pictures.

And pictures were taken!  We didn’t want to wait in the line for the crazy photos, but we still had fun.

Oh, and see that skirt?  My mom made it for me!  Awesome, isn’t it?

Well, after months of training in the cold Maryland weather, the heat finally got to us.  Poor Laura looked like she was going to collapse.  So we slowed down significantly.  Definitely my worst half marathon time.  But we finished, we got medals, finished the first half of the Coast to Coast challenge, took some great pictures, and that’s what matters.  It was a great time.  I can’t wait for next year’s race!

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