Year in review

2011 turned out to be a pretty good running year.

I did not make my goal of 600 miles. I ran a little over 526 miles. Not bad, but I want to do better. Once again, I’m setting my goal for the year at 600 miles. 50 miles a month. I can do it if I stick to it.

I did run a lot of races this year.

5K – 1

8K – 1 (new PR, but only because it was my first 8K)

5 Mile – 1 (new PR, first 5 mile race)

10K – 2 (new PR – 1:18:45 at the Cold Turkey 10K. Had I known I was running so well, I would have actually pushed this race!)

10 Mile – 3

Half Marathon – 6 (new PR – 2:49:20 at the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon)

For those of you counting, that’s 14 races and 4 PRs (but really only 2).

I haven’t fully set my race schedule for 2012 yet, but I’m anticipating at least 8 half marathons, 2 ten milers, and a couple shorter races as well. Let’s see how my legs hold up!

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