This has been an awesome week.

Well, it was mostly Tuesday.  Tuesday was awesome.

On Tuesday morning, Space Shuttle Discovery was scheduled to arrive in D.C.  And for the purpose of sheer awesomeness. the jet carrying the shuttle planned to circle the city a number of times so that people could see the journey up close.  Unfortunately, I had training scheduled for that morning, but thankfully, our instructors agreed that this was a once in a lifetime experience so we all headed up to the roof to check out the view.

And it was amazing.

I did not take this photo – it was taken by a coworker from our roof.

Definitely a worthwhile experience.  People just kept repeating “This is so cool!”

Later that evening, I had choir sectionals at the National Cathedral.  It was a small group – fewer than 20 people were able to attend.  And as a special treat, after rehearsals ended (so around 10 pm), our director decided to take us up into the tower.  That’s right, a nighttime tower climb at the National Cathedral.  If you’ve read about tower climbs, you know that there are outside ledges you can access through windows.  We did not go outside.  But we did climb up a number of spiral staircases and hang out with the bells in the bell tower for a while.  It was such a cool experience and the view of the city at night was absolutely phenomenal.   I can’t wait to do a tower climb during the day.

No photos from that event.  It was dark and I just had my cell phone with me.  But trust me.  Very cool.

Tuesday made the rest of the week seem very  boring by comparison.

By Megan

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