You Sing Too?

So I don’t just run.  In fact, this week, I’ve spent more time singing than I have running.  It’s what I lovingly refer to as “Hell Week,” the week leading up to a choir concert.  (Yes, I am both racing Sunday morning and singing a concert Sunday afternoon.)  I have to admit, I am exhausted.

Wait, let me take a step back.

I sing with the Cathedral Choral Society here in Washington, DC.  I have for a few years now.  We’re the resident symphonic chorus at the National Cathedral, which means that we’re not the choir that sings at church services but rather we put on secular concerts a few times a year.

If you’re in the area and are interested in choral music, check out our website and come and hear a concert sometime!

Singing is something that I’ve done since I was young, but it’s one of those strange hobbies where it isn’t always easy to find an outlet that isn’t the shower or the car (though it’s easier than finding somewhere to play the French Horn currently gathering dust in my closet).  I’m lucky to have found a place to sing where the schedule is flexible enough to allow me to also have a life.  We rehearse once a week up until Hell Week, and occasional absences are permitted, which is great.  Sometimes, things come up with work or illness or general exhaustion because you were dumb and ran 15 miles that morning.

But it’s nice to be part of something bigger.  It’s nice to get to blend into a group and share something special.  And it’s probably good that I have a hobby other than running.  Otherwise things could get crazy.

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