You know what makes running a challenge?  Hurricanes.

I’m writing this post a day early (it is Monday) because I’m fairly convinced I won’t have power tomorrow.  Perhaps not for the rest of the week, if the power companies are to be believed.  We got home from Florida late last night (before the storms hit) and while it is nice to not have to go into work this morning, the doom and gloom isn’t all that great.   I’m currently looking at a tree in my backyard and thinking that it better stay put.

While I’m worried about my house and my stuff, I have to admit that what I’m most worried about is getting back into training.  Because of the wedding last week, I took the week off from running, aside from the wedding 5K.  So this week, I need to kick things back into gear.

Except there is a hurricane outside.

I could hit the treadmill and hope that the power doesn’t go out mid-run (which would make me fall off the treadmill in a very graceful fashion).  That’s probably my best bet.  Otherwise, I’m just going to start running laps around the kitchen table.  I probably wouldn’t be the first marathon crazy to try that method.  I’m just hoping to be able to get out for the weekend.

And that my house and my friends’ houses all come through the storm unscathed, of course.

So what do you do when the weather thwarts your running plans?

By Megan

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