Race Report – Down’s Park Five Miler

This was the second to last race in the Annapolis Striders Champs Series.  I’m out of the running for awards (not that I was ever actually in the running) because I’ve missed three races, but that wasn’t the reason I signed up for the series.  I signed up because it’s a great way to keep running all year long, and there are lots of awesome people at every race.

Because my marathon training schedule called for a 15 mile run this weekend, I took this race easy, as I was headed to the local 10 mile loop to finish up the training run after the race.

The race was held in a gorgeous park right on the Chesapeake.  I still sometimes marvel at the fact that I live here.  I grew up near the Mississippi.  Chesapeake Bay seemed so far away.  But I digress.  The race wound around on a paved trail through a beautiful wooded area.  It was sad to see all the fallen trees from the storm, and Jen and I spent much of the race trying to determine which trees had fallen that week and which had fallen earlier in the year.

Thankfully, Jen took it easy on me, since I had ten more miles to run.  She could have pushed me to run much faster, and someday I will take her up on that during a race.

This race was COLD!  I wore three layers – a sleeveless tank, a lined long-sleeved shirt and my Team New Skin long-sleeved top.  I definitely didn’t feel overheated.  I’m just not used to cold running yet, though my body loves it.  With my heart rate issues, I thrive in cold weather racing.  In the heat, my heart rate skyrockets much easier.  In the cold, I’m not working so hard to cool off, and so my heart can focus on keeping me moving, I guess.

Betsy ran this race with us too, and she beat us!  But we almost caught her.  Sorta.  This was her longest race so far (I think) and it’s fun watching her conquer new distances.  Soon I will get her to a half marathon.

I’ll definitely be back for this race next year, as I plan to do the Champs Series again, but it was a lot of fun with very friendly people.  And free race photos!  How can you complain?

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