Cotton Is Bad

Don’t get me wrong.  I love cotton.  There is nothing more comfy than an old cotton t-shirt.  But for running?  Cotton is bad.

A friend who will remain nameless said one day  (I am paraphrasing) “What can I do to stop blisters on my feet?”  I started to think about the best friction-reducing products, and then she slipped in “I don’t want to spend a fortune on socks.”

Wait.  “Are you wearing cotton socks?”

“Well, yes…”

And there, my friends, was the problem.  Cotton is awesome except when running.  Cotton socks are the worst.  Why?

Well, synthetic socks are superior for two reasons – friction is reduced and they wick away sweat so you don’t end up with wet feet.  Both of these things lead to much happier feet.

Which socks should you buy?  Well, that’s up to you.  Everyone is different in what they like.  Personally, I like slightly padded toe socks so that my toes aren’t rubbing against each other.  Other people think those are the most uncomfortable socks in the world.  So check out your options and try a couple of different kinds of socks.  Your feet will be glad you did.

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