December Food Challenge – Mindful Eating

For the holidays, a lot of bloggers are holding weight-loss challenges.  Instead of the stereotypical weight gain, see if you can’t shave off a few pounds!  I think this is an awesome idea, but I don’t really want to stress about weight loss during the holidays.  The holidays are a time of friends and family and food and I want to be able to enjoy it all.

Of course, I would also not like to gain weight during the holidays.   But this plan probably isn’t for me.

Other bloggers hold a “no scale” challenge for December.  That means avoid weighing yourself.  Enjoy the holidays and don’t worry about weight gain.

Awesome in theory.  But also not for me.  Because I am a semi-professional eater. I’m that good at it.

So I am proposing something different.  I am proposing a Mindful Eating Challenge for the month of December.

What is Mindful Eating?  Well, my definition of it is simply paying attention to what you eat.  Don’t just put food in your mouth because it’s there.  Eat it because you want to.  Pay attention to portion sizes.  If you want more, have more, but make sure you really want it and aren’t just eating for the sake of eating.  Pay attention to whether or not you’re full.  Try not to overstuff yourself.  Don’t skip the baked brie, but maybe don’t eat half of the wheel all by yourself because it is so amazingly delicious.  Enjoy the food you eat.  Pay attention to it and savor it.

Really, mindful eating is something we should all do all the time, but that’s easier said than done.  But it’s something to aspire to.

So who wants to join me in this challenge?  Maybe you’ll gain weight.  Maybe you’ll lose weight.  But maybe you’ll learn something important about your relationship with food too.

And please, if you decide to skip the baked brie, give me a call.  I will certainly help you with your portion.


2 thoughts on “December Food Challenge – Mindful Eating

  1. I recently read an article that was all about mindful eating. It was all about not cutting out anything in particular, but being aware of what you are eating and not just sitting on the couch cramming in food. It talked about listening to your body and giving into cravings, but not stuffing yourself and not eating out of boredom or distraction.
    Sounds like a great attitude for the holidays!

  2. Great idea! I will defenitely join you in mindful eating in December and hopefully it will become a habit.

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