I’m Rarely a Grinch

It is 12/12/12.  CRAZY.  I wonder how many babies will be born today.  None here, thank you very much.

Today, a Holidailies Prompt:  What will bring out your inner Grinch?

Well, in general, I love Christmas.  So it’s tough for me to be a total Grinch about the holiday.  But there are a few things that tend to rub me the wrong way.

First off, the materialistic madness just gets to me.  Don’t get me wrong – I love giving gifts and spend way too much money every year buying for people.  And who doesn’t like receiving gifts?  But when you hear about people camping out for days to buy a cheap tv or getting into fist fights over the last video game, it’s clear we have lost the meaning of Christmas.  And I’m not talking the religious meaning, because not everyone is religious.  But it’s not supposed to be about stuff.

I also have an issue with people judging others for how they choose to celebrate the holiday season (I guess I’m doing that if I’m judging you for thinking only about money though, so…).   Maybe you put up a creche or a menorah and have a religious holiday.  Maybe you cover your house in lights in true Clark Griswold fashion.  Maybe you’re somewhere in between, with Santa cradling Baby Jesus.  It shouldn’t matter.  It’s a holiday of joy and peace and family (be it biological or chosen).  That’s what’s important.

So I guess what makes me lose the spirit of Christmas is when others lose the spirit of Christmas.  It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it.  Just remember the joy and laughter and the people you spend the holidays with.  That’s what matters most.


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