Happy New Year!

2013.  It’s gonna be a good year. I can feel it.

I have a couple of goals for this year:

  • Clearly, I want to finish a marathon this year (in less than two weeks).
  • Complete 2 triathlons
  • Fundraise for TeamFight and volunteer with them as much as possible
  • Finally lose weight.  No really, this time.
  • Stick to a healthy, sustainable eating plan.  Less junk, more good stuff.
  • Set a good training schedule and stick to it
  • Paint at least one room in my house (set the bar low)
  • Finish working on my office
  • Stay closer to my personal budget

So not too much, but enough to keep me busy this year.  I feel like 2012 flew by and I’m sure 2013 will be the same.  January is going to be insane with all the travel I have planned.  It’s strange, but I actually look forward to the summer not because of the weather but because that’s when my life finally slows down – I run fewer races and travel significantly less.  Of course, both of my tri’s are this summer, but I find training relaxing.   In the fall, I have a cruise with family and friends (even more incentive to take off a few pounds).  When we booked it, it was well over a year away and now it’s sneaking closer and closer.

I’m sure I will be writing 2012 on things for weeks to come.  It drives my coworkers nuts. But that’s what happens when time flies.

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