Cat Crisis

So anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that last week, I was seriously considering having my cat euthanized.  Man, that sounds awful to say.  Spoiler alert – he is still among the living.

Here are the basics:

Since I moved into this house two years ago, this particular cat has slowly stopped using the litter box for all liquid deposits.  That’s right, he’s peeing all over my house.  It started out just being on the fireplace.  Well, that’s easy enough to deal with.  But then he decided that he liked to pee on carpet.  My whole basement – which is the living space of the house – is carpeted, as is my office and closet.  He’s not allowed in the closet or office, but I struggled with keeping him out of the basement.

At first, he just had a few spots on the carpet that he would pee on.  But then he just started going anywhere.  I couldn’t even get the spots cleaned up – he would just pee directly on the cleaning solution.  It was ridiculous and exasperating.  Less than 24 hours after cleaning up after him, there were three new spots on the carpet.

As any pet owner will understand, I adore this cat, but I can’t have him destroying my house.  So I’m grasping at straws.

Here’s what I have done:

  • Full veterinary workup – he’s fine
  • Five litterboxes for 2 cats, 3 without hoods, 2 with hoods
  • Calming treats
  • Cat Attract litter and litter additive
  • Blocking off the spots where he pees (he finds new ones)
  • Puppy pads
  • Cleaning with multiple kinds of enzymatic treatments
  • Multiple types of litter
  • Lots of petting and cuddles

Now, we’re trying Prozac and he’s blocked from going into the basement.  I’ve not yet gotten to the point where I’m confining him to a single room, but that will be the next step if I have to go to that route.  The vet tech, who I adore, is helping me brainstorm ideas and wants me to help keep him.  The vet agrees, but flat out told me that this could be tough to break him of and she wouldn’t fault me if I decided to euthanize him.

So that’s where we are.  I’m willing to hear any tips that anyone might have because I would like to keep this fuzzy little guy around for a while.

4 thoughts on “Cat Crisis

  1. I had this issue with my cat for a while (and still occasionally do). She is part manx, and thus tail-less, and had a lot of UTIs as a baby which I believe had made her associate the litter box with pain. Here’s what we’re done:
    1. We have 5 litter boxes, for 2 cats.
    2. We close the cats in the basement during the night and while we are at work (it is uncarpeted). They are used to it and actually run down when we tell them it’s time. They don’t seem to mind at all. Four of the litter boxes are in the basement.
    3. We completely dump the litter (we use yesterday’s news) in each litter box every day. It is important for them to be kept clean because she is very picky.
    4. We have adjusted where the litter boxes are based on where she tended to go on the floor. This seemed to help a lot.
    5. We cleaned up the accidents she did have with Natures Miracle and then sprayed it with Cat Away.
    She is pretty good about it now (knock on wood). But we have noticed it can change if she senses we are stressed out or mad at her or anything like that.
    Good luck, I know it’s frustrating. Hang in there.

  2. I so feel your pain. We had a cat who had this issue, and in the end, rehoming him someplace where he was an only cat was the only thing that worked. He was a young kitten, though, so it was a lifelong issue for him and not an aging thing, so that’s different. We only had him for a couple of months.

    Have you tried the Feliway diffusers ( We had *some* luck with them for a while.

    Good luck. It’s a terrible situation to be in.

  3. Generally, when kitties pee somewhere besides the box it means a UTI of sorts.

    I have an older kat that we got checked out due to peeing on the tile bathroom floor next to the litter box. The kat turned out all fine.

    Seeing that the kat was fine, we figured the kat is maybe going a little nutso.

    So instead of cleaing the bathroom floor every day & being frustrated, etc., we’re just putting a towel down on the bathroom floor for the kat to pee on.

    The kat continues to pee on the towel, but instead of having to clean the tile floor every day, we just change the towel out every other day & wipe the tile (where a bit of the pee soaked through) with a little vinegar.

    We’re happy & the nutso kat is happy too.

    We warsh the dedicated pee towels with some baking sody & vinegar and they are fine as dedicated pee towels.

  4. Tiger began peeing in a corner of our living room — we scrubbed and cleaned the carpet. Then we had the carpet cleaned. Finally we just rearranged the furniture to cover that area and he did not pick any new place in that room. He then did it in my carpeted home office (which he spent a lot of time in because he liked to look out the window and nap on a chair. He was eighteen years old and it may just have been a senior thing? By that time his arthritis was making it difficult for him to manage stairs so instead leaving him free to roam the whole house, we put a baby gate at the top of the stairs. Two of the bedrooms and the upstairs hall had hardwood flooring. Our bedroom has wall-to-wall carpeting. We put his favorite window-looking chair in our bedroom (with a carpeted ramp up to it) and his heated cat bed in our room also and his litter box in our bathroom. Yes, he did pee on our bedroom carpet a few times. We just shampooed it fairly regularly. Finally, in October of 2011 at age 18 1/2 his health deteriorated (he was having seizures) to the point where it was wrong to keep him suffering. And more than a year later I am sitting here with tears running down my face just trying to write about it. I hope your remedies work. All I can say is I would gladly trade every square foot of carpeting in our house to have Tiger back with us.

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