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A couple of weeks ago, the lovely folks at RACER contacted me about reviewing their wall frames, perfect for race bibs.

My first thought was “Well, my race bibs are mostly in a binder, so I’m not sure this is for me.”

My second thought was “Wait, I am running a marathon soon, and that bib needs to be highlighted!”

Right before I left home for Christmas, this arrived in the mail:


Simple, lightweight, and very shiny and hard to photograph.  But that’s not a knock against it.  The frame comes in two pieces – the black back and a clear plastic cover that snaps over the top.  The red logo is simply a piece of paper taped onto the back – so you can remove that.

The great thing about the size of the frame is that it will fit all sizes of bibs, something a lot of bib hangers don’t do.  You can also use it for pictures or other memorabilia.  They advertise that it’s a great way to hang an 8×10 photo along with your bibs.

So, anyway, I ran a marathon.  You might have read something about that.  And then I came home and framed my bib.


Looks pretty snazzy, doesn’t it?  And no, my wall isn’t wood paneled.  I took the picture on the floor, after hunting down a spot where I wouldn’t get terrible glare (though you can see it anyway).  Also, I can’t find my camera post-marathon, so you get cell phone photos.  Trust me, these things are great in person.

On their website, RACER offers a gallery of ideas for your frames.  I have to admit, the framed bibs look pretty awesome hung together.

racerframe-gallery-3Photo courtesy of RACER

I don’t know that I will be buying a frame for every race I do (because I do have a slight racing problem), but I think it could be a fun way to collect the special bibs.  Maybe I could frame all of my PR bibs, or all of my marathon bibs.

And if you want to start your own gallery, check out RACER.  Frames are just $19.95.

3 thoughts on “Review – RACER Wall Frames

  1. I wish I had thought of saving race bibs in a binder when I had first started running but I had been at it for years by the time that thought struck me and I figured there was no point in starting one that many years into it. (Note to all new runners — collect your race bibs & any race snap shots & race info in a binder or album — years later you will be glad you did.)

    I’ve been running since you were about two years old and in my “younger days” (i.e., forties and fifties) I would run ten to fifteen races a year that gave souvenir t-shirts (or equivalents such as sweatshirts or reflective vests). Even though in recent years I’ve probably only added half a dozen or so shirts per year, that adds up to at least 250 shirts in plastic bins. (Fortunately, my wife continues to put up with me.)

    That framed marathon bib looks great. I am sure that you will always enjoy looking at that with pride.

  2. Jim, I’ve been saving race shirts with the idea that I will someday make a quilt out of them. I have a lot of big ideas though that never come to fruition. Let’s be honest, I will likely pay someone to make the quilt for me!

  3. I’m getting ready to start a binder for my race bibs.. I only have two.. I plan to run a half in the next year or so then maybe I’d take advantage of a product like this..

    Thanks for sharing.


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