Happy Birthday Caitlin!

Today is my sister Caitlin’s birthday!  Happy birthday, Caitlin!  (I know you’re reading this because you stalk me on the internet.)


But the fun of that is that I now get to embarrass her!

Okay, okay.  I won’t do that.  That would be mean.

Back in 2010, when I was getting ready to run my first half marathon, Caitlin told my friend Mary Kate that she thought running was crazy and she would never run.

In 2011, she powerwalked the Disney Princess Half with our mom.  By that fall, she was definitely hooked, and we started running races together.

By 2012, she was registering for races all over St. Louis, and then in 2013, she went Goofy.  I’m not sure she thinks that was the world’s best idea, but I’m impressed either way.

I think we’re at five races together, four Disney races and one that I roped her into running here in Maryland last year.  Amusingly, people are always surprised that we’re sisters, because we don’t exactly look alike.  But mom swears we’re related, so we just have to trust her.

Hope you’re having an awesome birthday, Cait!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Caitlin!

  1. Great pic of you both! That’s awesome you girls running together. I got my sister to do a 5K with me once, back in 2010. I’ll never forget it: Run with the Nuns in St. Petersburg FL. The pace leaders dress as nuns, and the race benefits a local parochial school. I’ve almost got her talked into doing a Disney 5K with me. We might have to ‘borrow’ your costume idea.

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