A Day In the Life

I have been thinking for a while about doing an “A Day In The Life” post. But my life is boring. Oh well. Additionally, people have asked me how I fit everything in, so here’s one example.

Wednesday, March 13

4:30 am – Alarm goes off for a brick workout. My body says no. I stayed up too late last night reading the latest Kathy Reichs novel. Thankfully, I will have time tonight to get the workout in.

5:30 am – Really? Already? Up and out of bed, shower.

6:00 am – Make breakfast. Protein shake and coffee. The breakfast of champions. I have a chocolate protein shake. I wonder what it would taste like blended with the coffee. Two birds, one stone.


6:55 am – Leave for work. Slightly late, but I should still make it on time.

7:35 am – Arrive at work. Couple of minutes late. But hey! The boss isn’t here yet!

7:36 am – My phone rings and the workday starts. Unfortunately, this part is very boring. But it pays the bills.

10:30 am – Can hold out no longer. Morning snack time! Today, it’s a Chobani Flip yogurt. Should have paid attention to the nutrition info when I bought it, because it’s higher calorie than I thought. But man, is it delicious.

10:55 am – ZOMG! A Veronica Mars Movie? I am now completely distracted from work.

12:10 pm – Listen to coworkers coughing and consider the merits of coating my whole body in hand sanitizer.

12:30 pm – Lunch time! I plan to eat and then run some errands, but work gets in the way. It’s one of those weeks.

2:00 pm – Why is it not 5:00 yet?

2:10 pm – New Pope!

2:20 pm – Teatime. Again.


3:15 pm – New Pope is from Argentina! Pretty awesome.

3:45 pm – Quote of the day: “Is it still only Wednesday? This week just hurts.”

4:20 pm – Eating an apple and pondering tonight’s workout. I have a 40/10 brick workout scheduled, but according to my ActiveLink, I am nowhere near my activity goal for the day. May have to stretch that to a 45 minute bike ride and a 1-2 mile run.

5:00 pm – Quitting time, baby! Oh wait, I was five minutes late.

5:05 pm – Quitting time, baby! Hope traffic isn’t too bad tonight.

5:50 pm – Home! Not too bad of a commute tonight.  Time to unpack the work bag, wash some dishes, and change for my workout.

6:28 pm – Hopping on the bike for the first part of tonight’s workout. Hope to be able to take the bike outside soon!


6:45 pm – This workout is unexpectedly hard.

7:15 pm – On to the treadmill.

7:27 pm – Workout done!

7:50 pm – After logging my workout and doing some super awesome dancing around the kitchen (which I’m pretty sure the neighbors could see), it’s dinnertime.

7:51 pm – After I feed the cat, that is. I wonder where the other cat has run off to.

7:52 pm – Oh there he is. I should have known food would call him.

8:15 pm – Quick shower followed by another dance party.

8:30 pm – Sort a bit of laundry and pack swimming bag for tomorrow evening.

8:55 pm – Check the Veronica Mars Kickstarter. 2 Million Dollars! Amazing!

9:00 pm – Crawl into bed and grab a book. Immediately covered in cats. Well, cat. The other one does not like to be touched while sleeping.

9:30 pm – Lights out.

You know, rereading this, it’s obvious why my house is a disaster. Less dancing, more cleaning.

4 thoughts on “A Day In the Life

  1. Nice. That day was DisneyGroom’s birthday. I think I remember everything that happened that day too. What I wanna know is how did you get a green chocolate protein shake? Did you add spirulina, or spinach, or food coloring? Or maybe my screen is just picking up the colors weird. I had a green shake for breakfast that day – Shamrock Shake from McDs, a seasonal guilty pleasure. shhh… I’m really in awe of your brick workouts too.

  2. Whoops, that was unclear. The green one isn’t chocolate. I meant that I ALSO have a chocolate protein shake mix, and I wonder what that would be like with coffee.

    I talk up the Shamrock Shake like nobody’s business, but I have never had one. I am a bad Irish girl.

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