Race Recap – Cherry Pit 10 Miler

Yes, you read that right.  Cherry Pit.  I didn’t get into Cherry Blossom, but conveniently, the Annapolis Striders have a ten mile race on the same day.  And since I’m a Strider, the race cost me $10.  And it didn’t start til 8am, meaning I got to sleep in.  All of these things are good.


The weather was absolutely perfect.  A little cool to start, but a nice breeze.  I wore a Sparkle Skirt, a short sleeved shirt, and a long sleeved shirt over that.  I didn’t take off the long sleeves until around mile 5, which is pretty perfect.

This race is hilly.  Very hilly.  I didn’t realize how bad it was until my heart rate monitor started beeping at me (I have it set to alert me when I hit 185, but I can feel when it’s getting there).  But that only happened a few times, and I knew I was pushing too hard.  I just have to remember to step back sometimes.  I paid for pushing too hard later in the day – when I push too hard in a race, I’m just wrecked for the rest of the day.  Not worth it.

My splits were pretty good though!

  1. 14:03 (crowds and hills)
  2. 13:20
  3. 13:29
  4. 13:28
  5. 13:07
  6. 13:24
  7. 13:35
  8. 13:20
  9. 13:22
  10. 12:19

Jen and I ran together and chatted much of the way, so I’m really pleased with those splits.  We did a 1/1 run/walk pattern, but still chatted while running.  Those are the best kinds of races.

Our official time was 2:15:07, but I know we crossed the finish before 2:15 on the clock, plus we didn’t start right at the gun, so I’m claiming the sub 2:15.  My watch said 2:14:48.

This was one of the better Striders races – they made sure to still have the finisher’s area set up for us slower runners and there was plenty of food leftover.  And we have some great friends who waited to cheer us in at the end too.  We know awesome people.

And then we went out for food, where I got the cheeseburger I had been craving since mile 8.  I don’t crave red meat often, so when the cravings hit, I indulge.  Yum.


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  1. That’s why I am glad so many races are using RFID chips for timing. No matter what my time/place, I do like to know how long it really took me to get from starting line to finish line.

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