Slow Like Turtle


I’m not a fast runner.  This is not news to anyone.

But I’m slowly realizing that my sprint triathlons are going to be a slog.

I joke that I have no fast-twitch muscles.  In all seriousness though, I just can’t sprint.  I can’t push my body that hard due to my heart rate issues.  During the indoor tri, I realized this also applied to swimming (even more so, since when my HR skyrockets, I get out of breath, which doesn’t work well in the water) and it clearly applies to cycling.

Now, it’s not as if I expected to win any awards in these upcoming races.  I just want to perform well and feel like I finished strong.

But it’s tough knowing just how slow it’s going to feel.  I will have to force myself to stay slow and not let the adrenaline get to me.

I remind myself that I’m doing something good for others in doing these triathlons, and I’ve met a ton of awesome people. I’m also doing something great for my body, which is hugely important.  And for the most part, I enjoy the training.  But short races aren’t my thing and I don’t see myself ever doing a half-ironman distance (an Ironman is just laughable).  Maybe an Olympic distance someday, if I find I like the sport.  After all, I don’t like 5Ks much to begin with, so it would make sense that I would enjoy the longer distance.  I’m built for endurance, not for speed.

So I’m just trying to stay positive.  I’m not giving up, that’s for sure.  This is way too much fun to give up.  But it’s requiring some mental adjustments I wasn’t expecting to have to make.

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One thought on “Slow Like Turtle

  1. Speed is relative. It’s one of the hard mental things to work through when it comes to sports. I get frustrated when I’m not as fast as others, but I’m fast for me, and that’s the only person I’m ever really competing against. You’re fast for YOU and you do Tri’s for whatever reason/goal you want. It doesn’t have to be speed – endurance and charity are awesome reasons, and many others focus on the same.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂 You’re doing awesome things and are so strong because you’re doing something so few people are capable of doing!

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