There are no words

Yesterday, during my lunch break, I wrote a post and scheduled it to post today.  It was about being glued to the coverage of the elite runners at Boston and how they were so inspiring and so awesome.

But clearly, everything changed yesterday afternoon.

I can pull one thing from the post that I think rings even more true now.

On Twitter, there were reports that Kara Goucher’s first words after finishing were “How did Shalane [Flanagan] do?”  Kara and Shalane are both teammates and competitors, but at the end of the race, rather than think of herself, Kara wanted to know how her teammate was.  There were also videos of the other runners congratulating those who made it to the podium.

Running is a solo sport, but it’s also a team sport.  And even though we might not run together or even know each other, running is a community.

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There are no words.

4 thoughts on “There are no words

  1. The outpouring of support both local to Boston and around the world is astounding. The running community is amazing.

  2. It has been refreshing and heart warming to see a community come together. I do love that about runners and running.

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