Race Report – Clyde’s 10k

On Sunday, we ran a lovely hilly 10k in Columbia, Maryland, sponsored by Clyde’s restaurant.  Yum.

As miserable as hilly courses can be, it’s good training for me.  After all, my triathlon is in Columbia, so I’ve got to get used to the hills.

This race was especially awesome because I got to run it with Kim. Though I get to see her just about every week at Team Fight swim, we don’t really get a chance to chat for very long because of all the swimming. We haven’t figured out how to chat while swimming without risking drowning.

Our plan was to run 1:1s and walk the giant hills.  After some hard biking the day before, I wasn’t ready for a big push.  My poor legs must hate me right now.  We had a great time, caught up on current events, and met up with a new running friend who we originally met the year before at Frederick.  This year, she’s running for two, and hopefully we’ll get to see her again at Divas later this year!

Finish? 1:28:46.  Slow, but no complaints here.  We were having fun and walking the giant hills.

Apparently, the race had tons of delicious food and drinks afterwards.  Unfortunately, there is historically no food left for the back of the packers due to greedy faster runners, so instead, we went to The Cheesecake Factory.  Deeeeelicious.


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