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So if you’ve been on the internet at all lately, I’m sure you’ve heard about CrossFit.  It seems to be the latest and greatest in workouts.

I have to be honest, I haven’t done CrossFit.  It doesn’t appeal to me for many reasons, but the primary reason being that there isn’t a CrossFit box in a convenient location for me.  I know myself and my fitness habits, and if it’s not easy for me to get there, I’m not going to do it.  There is a reason that I do weight-lifting videos and own a treadmill and a bike trainer and only have a pool membership, not a gym membership.

But I’m not here to trash CrossFit either.  It looks awesome and it clearly works for a lot of people.

I have noticed, however, that because CrossFit is the current “popular” thing (I feel like it’s replaced P90X in terms of being the “thing” that everyone interested in fitness is talking about), people who aren’t into it are feeling left out or lesser than.

I don’t put myself into this category because for much of my life, I’ve been the person off doing whatever I wanted and not worrying about being popular.  This wasn’t great in the junior high years, but ultimately, it’s served me well.

But my point is – do what you want!  Do what works for you.  If you love CrossFit, do it!  If you prefer to be a more solo exerciser, do it!  Don’t worry if you’re not doing what’s popular.  Exercise is very individual and even if a workout is awesome and works doesn’t mean it’s right for you.  If you aren’t motivated to do it, then it isn’t going to work for you.  Don’t let yourself be pressured into changing just because the cool kids are doing it.  Be yourself and be confident in that.


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7 thoughts on “Do What Works For You

  1. I agree!

    I do think that CrossFit seems interesting, but I don’t have a location near me either. I also prefer to work out solo when it comes to weight routines.

  2. Totally agree with you. Everyone seems to be into CrossFit, but it just doesn’t appeal to me and doesn’t jive with me goals. I’m doing me 🙂

  3. 🙂 I have been feeling “left out” too. I live in a rural area and there are NO Cross fit boxes anywhere near me. Sometimes I wish I could give it a try, it seems like everyone is in love with this. I am apparently behind everyone else though, because I am thinking of trying p90X in a few weeks.

  4. I like some of the Crossfit ideas (although I have no intention of signing up at a Crossfit shop). Back in my “younger days” as a runner (i.e., my forties & fifties) I mostly just ran. Now that I am more mature (i.e., one week away from 70) I find I am much more open to a wide variety of workouts, especially trying to avoid doing the same thing day after day. I enjoy a mix of activities. One thing new that I am trying is a weekly TRX class. The equipment is ridiculously over-priced, but I could see buying it for home use. If you look at the exercise value (rather than “how much for that strap?!?”) it really does a nice job. I do like mixing up a variety of activities (well, except for swimming — I’m not fond of swimming but can’t very well train for a triathlon without swimming).

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