I know the running community is still reeling from the events at the Boston Marathon.  But we’re all getting back out there and running and remembering what’s important.  At the Frederick Running Festival this weekend, there were plenty of Boston references around.  Lots of ribbons and t-shirts, signs and even flags to start the 5K.


What was a little jarring was seeing all of the “If You See Something, Say Something” signs everywhere.  It’s not exactly a new phrase – you hear it all the time in the D.C. Metro, but it was a stark reminder that our wonderful little running world isn’t so safe.

But onto the recap.

This was my second year participating in the Frederick Half Marathon, though this year, I wasn’t going Titanium Girl, meaning that I didn’t run the Iron Girl Half the week before.  So in theory, I should have been going in well rested and well trained.

Except not at all.  I was a wreck all week for no apparent reason and feeling very sleep deprived.  Additionally, I ran only 36 miles in April, not enough for proper half training.  I biked and swam a lot though, so it’s not like I’ve been sedentary.

(Of course, the low mileage was somewhat planned – for this half and my next half, the plan was/is to be slightly undertrained because I”m focusing on tri training.  The races are just for fun.)

Best of all, the night before the race, I woke up around 3 with a horrible stomach ache.  Very unusual for me, and very unexpected.  And not the best thing for right before the race.

But I woke up and ate my Clif Bar and drank my breakfast Coke Zero (do what works for you, right?) and I felt okay, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Jen and I planned to run the race together, though I figured I might lose her in the end.  She was using this as a training run for her half in 2 weeks, but even with that, I’m still a slowpoke when it comes to her.

We set off and realized that we ran the first mile way too fast.  Sub-13 was not our goal.  We were thinking we’d come in around 3:05, 3:10.  Nice, easy pace.

I really enjoyed this race.  I love running through the different communities and seeing the people out. Lots of people out in their PJs drinking coffee.  One neighborhood even sets up their own water and snack stop, which is awesome.  I’m sure Jen got tired of me pointing out the cute dogs, and then through one neighborhood, I was scoping out ideas for my house.  (Note that all the houses we passed were WAY more expensive than mine, but a girl can dream.)   I am one of the most easily distracted runners.

I ate a pack of margarita Clif Bloks while running because they tasted okay on my stomach.  I had with me a peanut butter Gu, and that didn’t sound like a good idea, nor did the chocolate.  Thankfully, I also had a berry one stashed in my waist pack and that went down just fine.  No idea what was up with my stomach, but it seems to have passed, thankfully.

Around mile 8, I realized we were aiming for a sub-3 pace, and by the time we hit 9, I knew we had it.  Not what we planned for, but I’m always happy when I run a sub-3 half.  (My PR is around 2:48.)  Much of this was due to Jen pushing, but I guess that my training hasn’t been so bad for me after all.  Final time?  2:55:44  Jen lost me in the last part, because she ran through the walk breaks, but I caught back up and was only a few seconds behind her.  See, that walk break stuff really does work!

I was really happy with my finish and really happy with the race in general.  Unfortunately, the post-race food left much to be desired – halved bananas, apples, and quartered bagels.  I don’t eat bananas that have been cut in half with the cut part being exposed to the air and all sorts of other grossness.  There were granola bars for the 5K.  I wanted those!  But we found some whole bananas later, and those were delicious.   It’s really all about the food 🙂

Big congrats to all my friends who ran this weekend.  Seemed like there were people racing all over the country, from Florida to California and everywhere in between.  It was fun to see all the recaps on Facebook and Twitter.  When’s everyone racing next?

By Megan

9 thoughts on “Race Report – Frederick Running Festival Half Marathon”
  1. My favorite spectator = the priest(or insert proper title for his denomination here) blessing runners with holy water as they went by.

    I did complete the Iron and the Frederick and even with a bathroom break came in 24secs under….if I only count running time it was 3mins 30 secs less. Regardless…VERY proud of myself…first half marathon’s EVER!

  3. Yoi-Lyn, that is incredible! To run your first and second half marathons so close together is certainly an accomplishment. And on hilly courses too. Way to go!

  4. Congrats on your great run! The Frederick Half is on my list – one year (maybe next?) I intend to do the Maryland Double, so I’ll get it then. Nice recap and good to know about the food at the end!!

  5. Lots of half marathons this past weekend. My daughter ran a half Sunday morning — saw a number of people wearing “Boston Strong” shirts. I just came along to cheer for her and to drive — although I should have entered the 5K run because I think I could have had a good chance of taking 1st in the 70+ age group. Interestingly, there were twice as many women in the under 40 age group as there were men in the equivalent age category.

  6. I loved all the Boston shirts I saw. It really shows just how much of a community running is.

  7. Well, I have to run/walk, or I might die. Literally, not figuratively, though that is the extreme case. And I know that isn’t your goal. But if I can catch you, sure! I just don’t want you to reduce your time goals for me.

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