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So many races, so little time.  But I’m always coming up with new races that I want to run (or tri).  I should do an official list that I keep updated, but for now, here are some races on my mind.

Some of these are definite “bucket list” races that will require considerable expense/training/time, but others are races that I simply haven’t done yet.

  • Nike Women’s Half in Washington, DC
  • Flying Pig Half
  • Bermuda Triangle Challenge
  • San Francisco First Half and Second Half
  • Mayor’s Half in Anchorage, AK
  • Diva’s Half in Puerto Rico
  • Run Woodstock Hippie Half
  • Something in Texas so Jenny and Carrie can stop hounding me
  • UCF REV3 Half Full Tri – Olympic Distance
  • Columbia Tri

What’s on your bucket list?  Do you have a bucket list?  More importantly, what should I add to my bucket list?

10 thoughts on “Race Wishlist

  1. Put some Canadian races on there so I can cheer for you! Maybe the Army run in Ottawa? Or there’s the obvious Toronto marathons (2 choices! Spring OR fall!)…

  2. I considered that, Erin, and hoped you would suggest Canadian races to add. 🙂

  3. I’m just a baby runner but I’d love to do an international race. I’m particularly intrigued by the Windsor Castle Half and not just because of the castle on the medal!

    You’re posts on running are so inspiring to me! They are more than a little responsible for me finally lacing up my running shoes.

  4. I did not know that existed, Kerry, but now I want to do it too! And thank you for saying that. It’s incredibly flattering.

  5. Lots of races here too – Gold Coast marathon, Bridge to Brisbane, or the Sydney based City to Surf!

  6. The Nike Women’s DC is on my bucket list as well (don’t really care to do the SF one).

    A few others:
    – any 1/2 marathon in Hawaii
    – a couple races in Northern Michigan that run along Lake Michigan (Bayshore 1/2, Sleeping Bear 1/2)
    – would be awesome to do the Paris Marathon…

    I will probably have to copy the Pinterest Bucket Race idea as well. We should start a Linkup for it?? I’ve seen others doing this!
    Alicia recently posted…5k challenge: 5k #11 capitol memorial runMy Profile

  7. Lis, I would love to come to Australia to run! Or just to hang out 🙂

    Alicia, I admit, I’m totally behind on the times, but I love the idea of a Pinterest bucket list.

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