How many more days?

I’m starting to get ridiculously excited about my upcoming triathlon.  I feel like I’m ready!  I want to go now!

Problem is that the race isn’t for another few weeks.   24 days, I believe.  I don’t even have my Team Fight gear yet.  Gotta get that, hope it fits, and practice in it.  Nothing new on race day, after all.

I’m excited that I’m excited about the race.  I know that sounds weird, but usually at this point before a race of a new distance, I’m freaking out and worrying if I’ll be able to finish, if my training has been enough, and if I have enough time to truly complete my training before race day.  But I feel like this time, I’ve done something right.

Of course, I still will freakout sometime in the week leading up to the race.  It’s pretty much a guarantee.  It’s how I roll.

And I do still have plenty of work to do. I need to work on my swimming form so that I can swim faster or at least expend less energy in the water.  I’ve got one more open water swim practice to attend.  It’s a clinic, but I’m at the point where I need less clinic and more experience in the water.  So I’m going just for that experience.

I need to keep my bike skills up and ride the course as many times as possible (2 more rides on the schedule).  I need to run as much as possible to keep my legs used to the motion.  And to be ready for the half marathon a few weeks later… I wonder what that course time limit is.  Oh well, that’s a problem for Future Megan.

I also “have” to celebrate Betsy‘s bachelorette (as if it’s going to be difficult), which I am treating as the beginning of my taper week.  Can we do some carb loading, B?

But soon enough, race day will be here.  Just gotta keep my head in the game.  And I will be ready.

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