Following the Training Plan

When I wrote yesterday’s post, I forgot about the fact that starting this week, my training plan amps up a bit.  Only a tiny bit, really.  My Wednesday brick workouts go from an hour bike and 30 minutes run to 75 minutes biking and 30 minutes running.  It’s just an extra 15 minutes.  Not that bad, right?

Oh my goodness, tired.

Admittedly, I did it last night on the trainer because it was hot and because I got home late (thanks, work).  And maybe it was a tough workout because I had two full days of meetings where I had to be “on” all day.  But the last bit of my run was tough!  I pushed through and felt awesome when I was done (and sweaty too).

I had been tempted to just skip the workout and postpone it, but I know how important it is for me to stick to my plan.  Additionally, I missed my normal Tuesday swim due to the work meetings (had to be at the office at 7 and since the pool doesn’t open til 6 and I can never get space in a lap lane after work, there wasn’t much I could do).  So it was crucial that I get back to the schedule.

Just a few more weeks!  (Then on to marathon training…)

One thought on “Following the Training Plan

  1. I’ve got a brick like that next week… 70 minute ride, 35 minute brick. It’ll be my “biggest” brick EVER! I’m nervous, but at the same time, I’m excited to test myself. I think I will be much better prepared for the race after doing this sort of brick!

    Keep up your training! I admire you for not skipping the workouts when work gets in the way! 🙂

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