1987 was a good year

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If I could be six years old again for a day, I would…


Yes, that redhead is me at 6 years old.  1987 was a pretty high fashion year.  (And this is also proof to everyone that I used to have stick straight hair.  Why does no one believe that?)

So if I could be six again, what would I do?  Well, first, I would have zero responsibilities.  So that would be awesome.  I would wake up at the crack of dawn, because that’s what kids do.  And I would have some awesomely unhealthy sugary cereal for breakfast.  I’m sure it’s vitamin fortified, but what do I care?  I’m six!

I think the biggest thing that I would do would be to play without worries.  At six, I didn’t have body image issues.  I wasn’t worried about what the cool kids thought.  Kids are kids, and at 6 (for the most part), the cliques haven’t formed.  Sure, you have your group of friends, but you play with anyone – even strangers at the park.

Six is a time when you can just enjoy life.  Live and love and laugh and squeeze every bit of joy out of life.  And worry only about what color of dress to try on next or how many stuffed animals you can carry or which couch cushions make the best fort walls and which make the best fort roofs.

Maybe we could all do well with a bit of 6 in our lives.

2 thoughts on “1987 was a good year

  1. OH MY GOD THAT IS TOTALLY YOU. You have the same face even if you don’t have the same hair! love it.

    and how come you all got to eat sugary cereal? my parents must not have loved me. when I was a kid, the most exciting cereal we were allowed was Honey Nut Cheerios.
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