Why tri? And other questions.

I mentioned to Erin that I was trying to decide what to write in today’s post and she offered me a list of questions I should answer.  I decided to group them into categories, so for today, the triathlon questions.

(Note, Erin will not approve of me breaking up my homework, because she wanted one giant post called THE ERINSTRAVAGANZA.  Instead she gets multiple days of posts.  It’s really a win for her.)

What made you get into triathlons? It seems like such a big jump from running!

Well, it is an additional two sports, so I guess it does seem like a bit jump, but at the same time, I’ve noticed a lot of running bloggers have transitioned into triathlons, and a number of my friends have also gotten into triathlons.

I’ve always been intrigued by triathlons.  I’m not sure why, but it’s something that piqued my interest.  Maybe it’s the same reason I got into running – it seemed like a good challenge and it seemed like something that maybe I could do.  I’ve been talking about doing a triathlon for years, and last year at the Iron Girl Half Marathon expo, I talked with some people on Team Fight and took a copy of their brochure, with the hopes of signing up with them for the following year.  I knew I couldn’t pull off a triathlon last August, but I thought I could probably do one this August.

That Team Fight brochure is still on my fridge, and as Kim (my partner in crime) and I chatted throughout the year, we decided to go for it.  Two triathlons in 2013 – a beginner one at the beginning of the summer and Iron Girl Columbia at the end.

How do you motivate yourself and keep from getting burned out, especially given how much you train?

Racing.  It’s the reason I always have races on the calendar.  If I have something to train for, I will do it.  I do not like to fail.  So I will do everything I can to get myself to that race and across the finish line.

Not that a DNF is failure – but for me, a DNF is a failure if it’s my own fault for skipping my training.  If that happens, I have failed myself.

Working with Team Fight has also been motivating.  As some of the team leaders have said, “Remember why you’re out here.”  It’s for us but it’s also for something bigger.

And sometimes, when I feel burnout coming on, I just take a break.  I’d rather go into a race slightly undertrained than totally burned out and setup for injury.

What’s your favourite (Erin is Canadian, so she insists on this spelling) thing about running/triathlons? What’s your least?

Well, I have a love/hate relationship with the training.  And I really, really hate the pool on a cold morning.

My favorite thing has got to be the people that I have met.  Everyone is so welcoming!  I’ve made so many new friends through running and triathlon and I have had so many amazing experiences because of it. As someone who never really participated in team sports, it’s been awesome to be part of a group.

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