Bon Voyage!

Good bye, blog readers!  I am headed on my first real vacation in I don’t even want to think about how long.  A vacation that doesn’t involve a race. (Well, the Castaway Cay 5K, but that’s just for fun.)  A vacation that’s not centered around a family holiday.  Just a vacation for fun and relaxing.

I was talking to my boss yesterday and realized that the reason I’m so stressed out is that we’ve been running at top speed at work since January.  The joys of budget cuts and added work.  I can’t complain, really.  I’m employed after all.  But I’m ready for this vacation.

Because of the previously mentioned stress, I have nothing prepped to go live on the blog while I’m gone.  So don’t forget about me while I’m gone and I will see you on the flip side, very relaxed and very happy.

Random Updates

Just some stream of consciousness updates.

Mom’s chemo starts today.  Haven’t mentioned it much, but she has breast cancer.  Should be easily treated, but you know.  Still cancer.  So any good wishes you have are more than welcome.

In all the testing, it turns out that she has the same heart issue that I do, but since she’s a power walker and not a runner, it hasn’t had the same effect on her.  Either way, it was cute that she told me we have “samey hearts.”

Managed to get in a 4+ mile run yesterday.  Ran until I hit 10,000 steps on the FitBit.  While watching Sister Wives.  You know, highly educational tv.  My leg feels pretty good.  No soreness, but it continues to be tight and stiff.  Massage, rolling, stretching, you know the drill.

Recovering from an injury is no fun, and this one was relatively minor.  I’ve been pretty lucky in my running “career” thus far.  Generally minor injuries, easy ones to rehab.  But I’ve really learned just how important it is to listen to your body.

No-Spend month has not gone as planned.  In fact, I spent more this month than in any month this year.  My dilapidated fence finally bit the dust.  When I bought the house, I knew the fence was something that would need to be replaced, but I was just putting it off as long as possible.  Then, a week or so ago, I noticed that one of the posts was leaning pretty horribly, pulling the fence toward the neighbor’s driveway (and their cars).  I walked over to the post and realized that it was incredibly wobbly.  Yes, it was a well-installed fence.  So now I have a gorgeous new fence.  It looks so much better than the old one.  But it was money I wasn’t planning on spending this month.

Additionally, there was the trip to the outlet mall.  I didn’t spend that much, but ended up with a ton of great clothes for work.  My work wardrobe is pretty terrible. I hate shopping, and struggle to find things that look good on my body.  I can usually handle about an hour of clothes shopping before I lose my mind.  I’m not sure what was up on Friday – might have been the amazing company – but I was on a roll and it was worth it.

So October.  Cutting back on the spending.  No, really.


Getting Back in the Groove

So my injury is probably 90% healed. I’m still babying my calf, just to be safe, but things seem good.  Lots of stretching, rolling, and I’m pain free.

Now, I’m just having trouble getting back into the habit of running.  Only two weeks off and it’s like I’ve forgotten what I have to do.  Last night, I had 3 miles scheduled, but I was so exhausted by the time I got home from work that I ate dinner and crashed.  I have to run tonight.  No excuses.  I’m sure I won’t run tomorrow, as I will be doing last minute packing because I leave early early on Friday morning for our cruise!  Yay!  (Where I really need to get in some running or the Baltimore Half is going to hurt.)

It’s really amazing how quickly we fall out of the habit of doing something.  I know that once I get back into the groove, I will remember how much I love running.  And since I’m an evening treadmill runner for safety reasons, the return of the fall tv season will definitely help.  I rarely sit on the couch and watch tv, so treadmill time is when I catch up on all of my favorite dramas.  It’s the best way for me to get through the miles, and probably why I don’t mind the treadmill so much.

So tonight.  It’s on.  Minimum 3 miles, maximum 5.  It will happen.

(Please be nice to me today, work, so I don’t need a nap as soon as I get home.)


Yesterday was a day full of emotions.  I started the day angry after reading all the comments about the new Miss America.  For those of you who missed it, the newest Miss America is Indian-American.  And gorgeous, but that’s a given with a beauty pageant.  There were thousands of incredibly racist comments made about her following her win.  It was so extensive that the press picked up on it and wrote articles about the vitriol being spewed.  People went so far as to say that Al Qaeda had just managed to infiltrate our beauty pageants.  Which, obviously, makes no sense.  But hey, no one ever said that hateful racists were all geniuses.  (Sadly, I’m sure some of them are.)

And then, obviously, the shooting at Washington Navy Yard.  As of this writing, 13 people have died.  I’m not sure if that number includes the shooter or not – the reports are conflicting.

I’m obviously sad and horrified, but I’m also angry.  I’m angry that this happened.  If the reports are true and this man requested mental health support from the VA and didn’t receive it, I’m angry for him.  I’m angry that he managed to get an assault rifle.  I’m angry that he then got it into a supposedly secure office and started shooting people at random.

Let’s be honest, we Americans are often arrogant.  Even when we hate our country for political reasons, we really do love being Americans.  And our country is pretty great.  But how do we let things like this happen?  This shouldn’t happen in a civilized country.

The news has been saying that this is the worst mass shooting in the country since the events at Sandy Hook.  That was just last December!  Hey, congrats, America.  You made it 9 months before trumping your last gun-related massacre.

I don’t want to get into a debate about gun control.  I grew up in an area where hunting was prevalent.  I have no issue with hunting rifles.  Handguns… I don’t particularly like them, but I understand why people want to have them, and I’m not going to argue that.  However.  Assault rifles?  Why in the world does anyone need an assault rifle?  A gun like that is simply designed to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible.  Clearly, you’re not going to use it for hunting.  Protection?  How many people are invading your house?  A whole hoard of zombies?

I don’t know the details here.  I don’t know if this man owned this weapon legally.  But I don’t understand why anyone can legally own that type of weapon.  I seriously don’t get it.  I would love if someone could explain it to me.  And I’m being honest here – I would very much appreciate a well-reasoned argument.  I may not agree with you, but as of yet, I’ve not heard an argument that makes sense.  And don’t give me the slippery slope argument.  I don’t buy it.

I work in a secure building in Washington, D.C.  Every day, I swipe my badge to get into the garage, then show my badge to get into the office proper.  I go through a magnetometer and my bags are x-rayed.  It’s just how it is.  This morning, there were added police officers at the entrance to the garage and the front door of the building.  While I am thankful for their work, I hate that they have to protect us from ourselves.

So yesterday was a day full of anger.  Today, as I read the names of those who died and listened to the reports of those still in the hospital, that anger turned to sadness.  All those people who simply went to work on a beautiful Monday morning.  From what I understand, many were shot while headed to grab breakfast or coffee with coworkers.  Recapping their weekends.  Getting ready for the work in the week ahead.  And now their families are planning funerals.

There really are no words.