Getting Back in the Groove

So my injury is probably 90% healed. I’m still babying my calf, just to be safe, but things seem good.  Lots of stretching, rolling, and I’m pain free.

Now, I’m just having trouble getting back into the habit of running.  Only two weeks off and it’s like I’ve forgotten what I have to do.  Last night, I had 3 miles scheduled, but I was so exhausted by the time I got home from work that I ate dinner and crashed.  I have to run tonight.  No excuses.  I’m sure I won’t run tomorrow, as I will be doing last minute packing because I leave early early on Friday morning for our cruise!  Yay!  (Where I really need to get in some running or the Baltimore Half is going to hurt.)

It’s really amazing how quickly we fall out of the habit of doing something.  I know that once I get back into the groove, I will remember how much I love running.  And since I’m an evening treadmill runner for safety reasons, the return of the fall tv season will definitely help.  I rarely sit on the couch and watch tv, so treadmill time is when I catch up on all of my favorite dramas.  It’s the best way for me to get through the miles, and probably why I don’t mind the treadmill so much.

So tonight.  It’s on.  Minimum 3 miles, maximum 5.  It will happen.

(Please be nice to me today, work, so I don’t need a nap as soon as I get home.)

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