Shutdown’s got me down

I’m kind of drawing a blank on today’s post.  I don’t know that I’ve lost my running mojo, I just think I’m just sort of living in a world of apathy right now.

It was very hard to come back from an amazing vacation (from which the photos are still on the camera) to such a crazy time in DC.  While the shutdown isn’t affecting me financially and I’m still in the office, the general atmosphere in the area is not good.  It’s tough to see so many of my friends out of work.  And sure, while it looks like the furloughed federal employees will get paid, that doesn’t help all of the contractors who got furloughed or the small businesses who lost revenue because people weren’t using their services.

The owner of the little coffee shop in the building across the street told a coworker that they were going to have to close until the shutdown ends because they’re just bleeding money.  Of course, they’ll still owe rent for their space, but they weren’t even making enough to cover their employees’ pay.

As an aside, someone asked me yesterday how I felt about the furloughed employees getting back pay, since I’m still working and they’re getting a paid vacation.  First off, I wouldn’t really call it a paid vacation.  And sure, I had a moment of jealousy, but in all honesty, I’m lucky to still be working.  With some exceptions (due to other furloughed agencies that I need to work with), my work is getting done.  I don’t have to worry that any of the vacations I’ve scheduled in the next few months being cancelled.  I don’t have to worry about missed deadlines or extra hours.  And obviously, I hate that so many people are struggling.

Of course, on the other hand, this just helps perpetuate the myth of the overpaid lazy federal employee.  The average American wouldn’t get paid if their office closed for a few weeks.  But I try to always look at the positive side.

There’s a lot of positive stuff coming up in the next few weeks, but it’s always tough to stay positive in all of the doom and gloom going on.  Here’s hoping things look up soon.

One thought on “Shutdown’s got me down

  1. I’m hoping it ends soon too. I survived the 1995 shutdown and it wasn’t pretty. I agree with your comment about fed employees getting back pay. I know people don’t want a free ride; they just want to be able to earn a decent living. As for government contractors and business supporting govt employees, they won’t get back pay. In some cases, the govt customers will have to authorize overtime for contractors, so they may be able to make up some of their lost wages. We’re held to deliverables no matter the reason they are late. My people are hurting emotionally, mentally, and financially. I feel helpless that there’s nothing I can do except pray that the government reopens soon.
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