2013 In Review

Let’s see what goals I set for myself for this year:

2013 Goals

  • Clearly, I want to finish a marathon this year (in less than two weeks).
  • Complete 2 triathlons
  • Fundraise for TeamFight and volunteer with them as much as possible
  • Finally lose weight.  No really, this time.
  • Stick to a healthy, sustainable eating plan.  Less junk, more good stuff.
  • Set a good training schedule and stick to it
  • Paint at least one room in my house (set the bar low)
  • Finish working on my office
  • Stay closer to my personal budget

How did I do on those?

Well, I finished the marathon and two triathlons.  Met my Team Fight fundraising goal.

I sort of started eating better.  I did cut out a lot of junk, and a lot of caffeine too.  My daily Coke Zero habit is no more, replaced with water and tea.

Zero pounds lost.  In fact, I gained weight this year.

I had a great training schedule during tri season, which went to crap afterwards.  All cross training disappeared.  The weight gain is likely partially due to this.

Housework?  Nope, nothing got painted.  And my office still looks like a junk room.

So… in terms of number of goals completed, not so great.

But I don’t want to overlook the awesome things that I did in 2013.  MARATHON!  TRIATHLON!  Two huge things that scared me for many years.  I’m doing a marathon again, but after this, I’m taking at least 2 years off from marathoning.  I didn’t love the training like I did for my first marathon.

I conquered my OWS freakouts!  That still worries me, especially with the inability at some races to get in the water prior to the start.  Just jumping in completely dry isn’t the ideal situation for me.  But I’ll deal with that when it comes.

I only ran around 525 miles this year, down from last year, but with the added biking and swimming, that’s to be expected.  I have no idea what next year’s running will bring, but I’m excited for all the goals I will be setting.

2013 was a year of new things for me.  Here’s hoping 2014 is as much fun.



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