Chrissy is FAMOUS!

I am so excited.  I just got back from our break room where I watched the lovely Chrissy on the Today Show sharing her Linzer cookies.  Chrissy and I lived across the hall from each other freshman year of college and then in the same tiny dorm for the rest of our college days.  With all the baking she managed to do in our tiny dorm kitchen, it is no surprise to me that she has many awesome cookie recipes.

I’m so proud of her for going on live national tv and not doing anything embarrassing.  Good job, Chrissy!

So today, go read her awesome blog, The Hungary Buddha Eats the World.  It’s a really cool blog where she picks a region and then cooks four things from that region – a breakfast, two entrees, and a dessert.  It is AWESOME.  And makes me wish I had spent more time with her in that tiny dorm kitchen so I could have picked up some cooking tips.

Seriously.  Go read.  It’s interesting, educational, and will probably leave you with a puddle of drool on your desk.

Creeper on the Shelf

Hey, another Holidailies post!  Elf on a Shelf – adorable childhood tradition, or creepy stalker? Discuss!

Creepy.  Creepy, creepy stalker.

Actually, no.  Weird parental trick, in many ways.

I mean, I don’t have kids.  But it just seems so strange to me that the way to keep your kids in line during the holiday season is to tell them that this creepy elf is watching them.  I mean, that’s the sort of thing that nightmares are made of.

Chucky, anyone?

Okay, so maybe Toy Story has made toys that come to life not so scary.  But an elf whose job it is to stare at you and watch you when no one else is?  That’s very stalkery behavior.

And a little Edward Cullenish, but I also find him to be a creepy stalker, so…

I don’t know.  I guess it is cute that parents find all sorts of places to put their elf to surprise the kids in the morning, but the whole concept just rubs me wrong.  Also, once the elf gets put away after the holidays, does that mean that kids are free to do whatever they want til he comes back?

Admittedly, Mom just used “Santa is watching” on us from time to time.  Which I guess is similar.  But slightly less creepy because we never turned around to find him staring at us.

Invisible creepers are way better.


Time Flies at Christmas

Hey look, a Holidailies writing prompt!

What do you miss the most from your childhood holidays, now that you are an adult?

I’m not sure about this whole “adult” thing.  I have a mortgage and a job, so I guess I really can’t continue to avoid it.

I think having a job is the biggest problem here though.  As a kid, it felt like the lead-up to Christmas lasted forever!  This could have been for a couple of reasons.

1.  In school, we spent months preparing for holiday concerts (first, Christmas concerts, then, when my Catholic school decided to be uber-Catholic, Advent concerts). Playing Christmas music for so many months definitely helped start the spirit early.

2. The arrival of the Sears Catalog!  Does that thing even exist anymore?  I used to love reading that.  But only the toy section.  The other parts were just boring.

3.  Christmas crafts!  So many crafty things to make!

And now, as a grown-up, Christmas sneaks up on me every year.  It’s like I don’t have time to prepare and it’s suddenly all over and January is here.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that I now have responsibilities other than going to school and homework.  Plus, as a kid, a month seems like forever.  Now, I regularly lose months.  I’m still not sure where May went.  I’m pretty sure that time sped up at some point this year.

So while traditions have changed and evolved (and Christmas morning involves much more alcohol, which is a good evolution), the thing I miss the most is the lead-up to the holiday.  Maybe I’ll be better about it next year.  Maybe I should follow the trend of the retailers and put up the tree in September.

Maybe not.


Add another DNS to my list

This morning, I was supposed to run the Celtic Solstice 5 Miler.

I did not.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I slept through most of it.

Why?  Well, I opted to listen to my body.  This week has been a rough week, with choir rehearsals running long (come to our concert today or tomorrow!) and me getting very little sleep.  Thursday, I was in bed by 7, woke up at 5:30, and was still exhausted.

I’m also fighting off something.  A cold of some sort.  Today I feel a bit better, but I was definitely under the weather yesterday.  Headache, congestion, the norm.

Add to that the fact that they were predicting a wintery mix, that I would have to race home from the race to make my call time at the Cathedral for today’s concert, and the fact that I got home after 11 last night, and I decided skipping was the plan.

I don’t like to add another DNS to my list, but sometimes I just have to play it smart.

Tomorrow, I want to get in at least a 5 mile run before I head back to the Cathedral.  I’m feeling like a slug, since I’ve gotten zero physical activity the past week and I’ve also eaten two meals comprised entirely of cookies.  Delicious, but not so nutritious.

Check Yourself

Yesterday, I went in for a skin check with my dermatologist.  She started the conversation with “Well, I usually ask people if there’s a particular reason you’re getting your skin checked, but with your complexion…” she said, gesturing at my pale, pale whiteness.

I know a lot of people avoid going to the dermatologist for skin checks because they think they will be uncomfortable or they’re worried about the results.  Well, if you’re worried you might have skin cancer, that’s clearly a reason to go to the doctor!  And they’re not uncomfortable.

I got to the office, chatted with the doctor, then she left so I could put on the gown (open in the back).  I took off all of my clothes except my underwear.  When she and a nurse returned, she moved the gown around, looking at my skin and having the nurse make notes of any significant moles or birthmarks.  I never felt significantly exposed or anything.

She did end up removing a weird mole on the back of my knee, but I’m pretty sure it looked weird because I regularly nick it with a razor, so I’m not going to miss it at all.  I’ll find out in a week if it’s more than just a weird looking mole, but I’m not too worried about it.

And the removal didn’t hurt at all.  Seriously, cutting myself shaving is more painful.

And that was that!  Easy peasy.  And definitely worth the time.  Especially since I wasn’t always good about wearing sunscreen as a kid, and even now, sometimes end up with a sunburn even though I’m all covered up.

In other news, yesterday’s blog post got mentioned in the Express (the daily free paper here in D.C.).


Not the most flattering thing to be picked up.  (Kidding – I love it.  Honesty for the win.)  No wonder I’m still single!