2014 – A New Beginning

Hello, 2014!  Nice to see you!

So my 2014 resolutions.  I guess I should make them, because everyone does.

One thing I try to do is both resolutions and goals.  Resolutions are what I’m going to do to get me to my goals, if that makes sense.  It doesn’t?  Well, read on, and maybe it will.  Or maybe I’m just crazier than I thought.  Either is possible.


  • Track calories 6 days a week
  • Work towards getting 70,000 steps each week
  • Continue to stick to my budget plan
  • Stick to my training plan
  • Try to complete at least one house project a month
  • Spend more time crafting
  • Cook real recipes more often


  • New Half Marathon PR
  • New IronGirl Columbia PR
  • Get back into my cute work clothes


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