Who knew being lazy was hard?

You know what I’m not good at?  Resting.

After Thursday’s procedure, I’m supposed to be resting and letting my leg heal.

(Side note – when I finally took the bandage off and looked at it, no wonder it hurt!  I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t an inch long incision with four stitches in it.)

I’m not good at this resting thing.  I haven’t worked out, but I’ve also not been sitting on the couch all day.  Instead, what I find myself doing is walking around a bit too much, but babying my wounded leg, so the other leg ends up aching.  Probably not what I’m supposed to be doing.

The incision still looks good, though the stitches pull sometimes when I walk, which is why I think it’s bugging me.  Yesterday, it got a bit red, but I think I just overdid it, as today it looks fine.  That’ll show me, right?

I never just sit around and watch tv or try to be lazy.  I’m always up doing something.  And that’s why this resting and healing is so tough.  It was easier when it hurt, but now that the pain is gone, I feel like I should be doing things!

(I did plan my training plan through June and finished most of my tax return and paid bills, so I guess that counts for something.)

But all in all, I can’t complain.  Today, Mom had successful surgery to remove what’s left of her tumor as well as some lymph nodes following the completion of her chemotherapy, and my darling friend Erin gave birth to her first son.  January 20 is a good day.

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