Looking Forward

So we had a snow day yesterday.  Well, a telework day in my case.  But we have snow!  I measured it at 6 inches in my front yard last night when it was still coming down.  I shoveled twice (very carefully due to my stitches) and am going to have to dig out my car at some point today because it got plowed in.  Hooray.

So as you can probably guess, I’m taking another telework day.  I figured, it was offered, so why not take it.  It’s been nice to be able to keep my leg elevated.  (It doesn’t hurt, but since it’s right on the back of my knee, a straight leg is much more comfortable than a bent leg.)  And while I trust myself driving on the gross roads, I don’t trust anyone else around here.  Seriously, a few flurries and people go insane.

I am finding myself going a little bit stir crazy though, not from being home, but from the inability to workout.  On telework days, I usually take a long lunch for a good workout.  It’s the perfect break.  But I’m not allowed to do anything til after the stitches are out and the wound is checked on Friday.  On some level, I’m enjoying the free time.  But I am starting to worry about fitness lost.  I keep telling myself that I ran a marathon a week and a half ago and am supposed to be resting anyway.

Then I realize how stiff I am from 45 minutes of shoveling.  Not a good sign.

But I don’t have anything big coming up that I need to be trained for.  Princess Half Marathon, but I can drag my body through that if need be.  Triathlons don’t start again til June, so there’s plenty of time to train there.  Which is good, since I’ve not been in the pool or on my bike in months.

However, I took advantage of the break and made a solid training schedule for the next couple of months.  Nothing too harsh, and it’s designed around my life so on days when I know I will miss workouts, I didn’t schedule anything. I don’t know if I’m looking forward to starting it or dreading it!

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. I hear you. When I hurt my back I freaked out for what all the down time would mean for overall mental and physical well being and the ability of me to button my pants. However, it just meant that I could give more to when I was able to get back into it. Only a few more days!

    And watch that shoveling!
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  2. Thankfully, Chrissy, this is really light snow. The kind that doesn’t pack, so it is very light. My shoveling is mostly just pushing it out of the way… So it can drift back.

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