Search Terms, Take Two


Every so often, I go through the search terms for this site.  What words and phrases are people typing in to find me?

Most are pretty logical, then there are some outliers.  Or in some cases, I get why the search term led them to me, but I can’t figure out why they’re searching that.

For example, glittery elbows.

Really?  Why?  Or how about girly elbow.  I have never thought about whether or not my elbows are girly.  What constitutes a girly elbow and what constitutes a manly elbow?

Some other interesting ones:

just naked marathon c–k – Yes, I censored that one, because I don’t need people finding my site while searching for porn.

i missed all the fun in snow – Well, you probably won’t find it on the internet, friend.  Sorry.

women room shower towel nude – No!  I said no porn!

happy birthday to my mom – Tell her, fool.  Don’t just type it into Google.

im a teriblle packer – And a terrible speller.

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