I am victorious!

1938-tailleur-3I just realized that using an image of Mickey while writing about my successful slaying of a mouse is a bit strange.

But yes, we successfully caught the mouse in the office.  And I am now being proclaimed the hero because I not only spotted said mouse but convinced my boss to not panic (she almost cried) and got maintenance to come retrieve the mouse.

Admittedly, there are likely many, many more mice in this building.  It’s a good place to be if you’re a mouse because they use unbaited glue traps in most of the spaces.  Why?  Because people thought snap traps were inhumane and the smell of the peanut butter bait irritated people.  So only the really dumb mice got caught.  “What is this sticky tunnel?  I shall walk through it!”

We demanded baited snap traps and BAM.  Mouse.

I felt a little bad.  He was a cute little mouse.  But he doesn’t belong in my office, bringing his dirt and disease.  He needs to stay outside with all his mouse friends.

Yes, this is the excitement in my life right now.  I need to get out more.

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3 thoughts on “I am victorious!

  1. I was the victor in 346 Badin when I successfully killed a roach. I can relate.

    I also can’t believe I remembered my frosh dorm address. I was going to say 345, but then remembered you were in 345. How’s that for memory!
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  2. That is too funny, Chrissy. Now I’m trying to remember my dorm room numbers. Freshman was 345, Sophomore was 405? 407? Junior year I have no clue. 3 something. And I think senior year was 328. Maybe.

  3. Snap traps are much, much more humane than glue traps. The animal is dead instantly instead of suffering for hours.

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