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This morning, I finally had my endocrinology appointment.  I was supposed to go a few weeks ago, but got waylaid by snow.  And guess what?  It snowed like crazy this morning too!  But after a harrowing journey, I made it in.

It was so nice to have a doctor listen and not just say “Well, you’re not eating right” or “You need to exercise more” or “Maybe you’re just genetically predisposed to be fat.”   The next step is bloodwork, scheduled for next week.  One thing I like is that this doctor has a patient portal where all the test results are posted.  So not only do I get to talk to my doctor about the results, I can see them myself.  Not that I’ll be able to interpret them, but I like having all of the information instead of just “Well, this was in range, this was not.”

I’m not sure what I want them to find.  Part of me wants something to be wrong, just so I can have a path towards fixing it.  But on the other hand, I don’t want to be “sick” either.  I think I just want answers, regardless of what they are.

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  1. I hope that you find a good explanation that is easily treated and relatively minor – something more along the lines of “something is a little out of whack” vs. “sick” – answers make such a big difference in your outlook.
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