Not very fishlike

One of the hardest parts about going to the pool in the morning is leaving the pool with wet hair.  14 degrees out.  Brr.  Apparently, the average temp for this time of year is 51 degrees.  I’m ready for winter to be over.

It’s been tough to get back into the groove this week.  Work has been crazy and I get home from work absolutely exhausted.  Last night, I was supposed to go to swim practice but was in bed before practice even started.  I slept like a rock, so I guess it was the right decision.  Forced myself out of bed this morning to get to the pool though.  I needed to swim at least once this week.

It was a good swim.  I ended up in one of the deep lap lanes, which I liked – no excuse to stop and stand around at the end of the lane.  Plus there was less debris on the bottom, so it felt cleaner, even though it’s all the same body of water.  Swimming past old bandaids makes me shudder.  Give me a gross lake any day.  Then I can’t see anything.

The swim itself felt like a bit of a slog, possibly because I was up against so many very fast swimmers.  My lane partner was only a bit faster than me, but the people in the lane next to me were swimming twice as fast as I was.  However, even though it felt like a slog, it was a faster workout than last week, so I guess that’s good.  Not sure if it’s improvement or just less standing around, but I’ll take it.

I’m starting to think I should get music to take to the pool though.  I just get bored about 30 minutes in.  March is a 3 paycheck month, so I can afford a small splurge.  Maybe.


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