A Nice, Relaxing Month

I have been looking forward to March for a while.  You know what’s on my calendar in March?


Well, not nothing.  But I have no trips.  No races.  Work will be insane and I have a few fun things with friends planned, but I’m looking forward to a month of normal training with no races or vacations to get in the way.

Not that I don’t enjoy both of those things, but going straight from a marathon in January to another Disney race weekend in February left me feeling a bit overwhelmed, even if the two race weekends were over a month apart.

My dermatologist put it well.  I called her to make sure that my spitting stitches weren’t something to be more concerned about, and during the conversation, I mentioned that I had just run a half marathon.  Her response was “I thought you were taking it easy after the marathon!”  I was.  It was only a half marathon after all.

Apparently, that doesn’t qualify as taking it easy.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t be training.  I plan to do plenty of triathlon training, and the first weekend of April involves back to back half marathons (a plan I still question the sanity of), so there’s lots to do.   But I’m looking forward to just being able to focus on what I’m doing and on healthy eating.  My weight loss is going… not great, but at least I’ve not gained with these two trips.  I’m interested to see what a full month of proper eating and calorie tracking will do for me.

So here’s to a nice, peaceful month.  If only the snow would stop.

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