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As I have mentioned, I’m once again fundraising for Team Fight this year.  Being part of this team last year was probably the best decision I made the entire year.  I’ve met so many amazing people and I got to be part of something bigger.  So I’m back again this year.

Team Fight is just one form of fundraising for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  UCF works at a grassroots level to support, educate, connect, and empower young adult cancer survivors and works to ensure that all young adults and families impacted by cancer have a voice and the resources they need.

From our website:

why we fight

  • We FIGHT because there are over 70,000 young adults diagnosed with cancer each year.
  • We FIGHT because survival rates have NOT increased for young adults in over 35 years.
  • We FIGHT because we want to raise awareness.
  • We FIGHT because we care and want to make a difference.

Last year, at the lunch the day before Iron Girl Columbia, the family of a college-age cancer patient came in to speak with us.  In addition to providing them with a patient navigator to help them figure out the resources available to them, UCF helped provide him with scholarship money for when he returns to school.  Cancer is expensive, even for the insured.  The money has to come from somewhere, and this means that funds aren’t always available when a cancer patient is ready to return to normal life.  His parents were clearly very overcome by the generosity and the work being done by UCF.  The guy himself wanted to come in and speak, but was not well enough to do so.  He was so determined to come that he was out in their car in the parking lot, laying in the backseat, because he had hoped he would feel well enough to come in.  I don’t think any of us knew what to say.

Starting last year, UCF has placed patient navigators into Walter Reed.  I think when we hear about Walter Reed hospital, we think of soldiers injured in the battlefield, but there are also a number of cancer patients there, both members of the military and their families.  So this year, I’m running the Army Ten Miler as my goal race for Team Fight.

If you would like to donate, you can always find the link in my sidebar, or you can click here.

As part of my fundraising, I’m hosting a Tastefully Simple party.  If you’re interested, shop through my link.  What is Tastefully Simple?  Basically, it’s food kits where you add one or two ingredients and have something awesome.  My favorites are the beer bread and the various marinades.  I also always keep some of the appetizer kits around for when I need something quick to bring to a friend’s house for an event or when people stop by.  No pressure to buy, of course, but a portion of the proceeds will be going to Team Fight.

Thank you for your support, both financial and motivational.  It means the world to me.

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